RABBI MOSHE BAMBERGER – Lecturer & Shadchen


Rabbi Bamberger has helped build Lander College for Men from a fledgling institution of 35 students into one that is thriving with over 250 students from all over the world, earning a sterling reputation internationally for success and seriousness. Have instructed, guided, and counseled hundreds of students throughout their formative college years while maintaining a close connection with many of them well beyond graduation. Provided assistance to them in many forms, including career advice, family and marriage issues, financial matters, and much more. Involved in fundraising drives, alumni outreach, recruitment, marketing, and management of the myriad issues that arise in such a unique and historic institution, while forging life-long relationships with the young men who are enrolled. Serves as the community rabbi of the Beis Medrash of Lander College on Shabbos and Yom Tov, with many members of the community-at-large as congregants.

Rabbi Bamberger is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker for many institutions, including the Agudah Convention and the Orthodox Union’s Torah in the City. Possesses a love and passion for public speaking. Hundreds of his Torah lectures and speeches are featured on Torahanytime.com in video and audio form, with a large international following.

Author of many best-selling and highly acclaimed works published by the famed Artscroll press. The works include Hallel, Sheva Berachos, Great Jewish Letters, Great Jewish Speeches, Great Jewish Treasures, Great Jewish Wisdom, Great Jewish Classics, and Great Jewish Photographs. The books in the Great Jewish series are lavish, full-color works, many of them in large, coffee-table format. They have been presented at many organization dinners and fundraisers.

The Rabbi is prominent Shadchen for 30 years now.


Mrs. Michelle Mond – Shadchan
Toby Notis – Head Counselor