Yitzchok Hahn – Maître D’

This Year we are Pleased  that this coming Pesach ,our many luxurious ball rooms will be Orchestrated by none other then Yitzchok Hahn…
 Always known for his personal attentive service that he has given to all his guests, his magic of pleasing everyone,has come from Years of  experience reaching as far back to the late 80’s. Examples of this are the following…
Management of Brooklyn’s Kosher Italian Restaurant “Primavera”.
Managing the Dining room At the Jackson Hotel in Long Beach.
Working as the Matre D for the Pesach program at the International Howard Johnson Hotel in Atlantic city.
 Running the Enormous Dinning room at the Catskills Friar Tuck for the Pruzansky Program.
And of course Yitzchok was The Event planner and the Matre D’ at Brooklyn’s Famous Wedding Hall’s, The Eden Palace, Concord Plaza, and The Alexandria..
And Now coming To you after 9 year’s working Pesach at the Host Resort in Lancaster PA.
 Be assure that Yitzchok Hahn will be there with you and your Family, giving you the taste of Freedom from golus, Feeling like Royalty as your every need in the dinning room is serviced to make you Feel As If You Were a King!!
Yehuda Green
Beri Weber