Heshy Goldstein


Heshy is a familiar face to hosting popular events for over 6 years now. From Shabbos Chanukah to hosting a private Shabbos Bar-Mitzvah, Heshy’s unique style has earned him a true 5 star rating with his customers.
It all started with a small Chanukah program at the Hotel Somerset NJ which was planned for just a few families. For some reason (still unknown to Heshy) when the Chanukah event came around the entire hotel was taken over with guest wanting to join in the first Chanukah program hosted by Heshy.
After the first successful event the idea of learning a new trade seemed rather easy until it became apparent that building a solid brand while keeping the customers happy at all times needed hard work.
Over the years as the events grew so did the quality of the program enhance, and after 50 events the idea of a Pesach event was all the customers were asking for.
Heshy is proud to bring you a Pesach retreat like no other.
• Top of the line catering.
• Under a strict no compromise Hashgocgha.
• A completely renovated hotel with plenty of lobby space.
• A dedicated and experienced day-camp & babysitting team.
• The best crowd that you will not find anywhere else!

Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz – Program Director
David Blatt – Mentalist